Making Money On AdSense, Fact Or Fiction?

Results can not be guaranteed, of course, since a lot of your success lies in your own hands.
Then again I would not have written this if I did not believe in the power of Google AdSense.
A lot of webmasters are making a lot of money off of AdSense, and there is no reason you should not be one of them.
The amount of money you can make with Google AdSense mainly depends on what user needs your website fills. For instance, a site about women’s issues can make some serious bucks on AdSense because of the high level of competition for related keywords.
The CPC (cost per click) is the amount you get paid every time a user clicks on one of those ad banners. CPC rates for competitive keywords can be more than $1, which translates directly to your site’s earning potential within the program.
The average runs in the range of $4-$5 CPM. Some people are making an effective CPM of $15 or more with AdSense. Best of all this is after Googgle takes its commission.
To learn all you need in regards to making money with AdSense I highly recommend the book that thought me everything: “Building Your Own Adsense Empire.”
This book can be found at
This is a very well written book.


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