How To Give A Room A New Look On A Budget

As a homeowner, you don’t need to have a large budget to give your home a remodel look straight out of the home and garden magazines. Any motivated do it yourselfer can redecorate a room and have it looking sleek and fashionable for under $1000. Remodeling with a budget in mind not only saves you money, but also increases the resale value of your home.

You can change the mood of your house just by painting and changing colors, especially uplifting your spirits during the cold winter season. Painting your house is a simple to do home improvement project that’s easy on your budget if you do it yourself. Don’t go after the most expensive paint you can find.

Expensive doesn’t necessarily always mean the best quality paint. A good rule of thumb as to how much you will spend painting just one room around 300 square feet will be less than $200, including necessary supplies of rollers, paint roller tray, duct tape and paint brushes.

Other materials such as a drop cloth, paint bucket, or rags are optional. You can use old blankets that you don’t mind getting paint on, or use cardboard. Rags can be replaced with old towels or damp paper towels, and paint buckets will only be necessary if you plan to mix paints for faux finish painting.

Using wallpaper is another way to change the look of a room without breaking the bank. Proper wallpapering can suit anyone’s need and budget, and can help to change the mood as well as adding elegance to a room. You can make a room appear larger or smaller just by choosing the right wallpaper, giving an illusion of height for rooms with lower ceilings. Using wallpaper can also add a design and pattern that is very difficult to accomplish with paint unless you are a talented artist.

The average price for a single roll of wall covering is about $12. The price is affected by the type of wall covering, how elaborate the design, the exclusivity of the design, and if it’s made by a famous designer.

Faux finishes are all the latest rage and are really easy to do. Almost anyone with just a little desire and some simple practice can create attractive faux finishes. Just get a simple guidebook to get you started and you will be creating beautiful faux finishes in no time.


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