Travelling With Children

Whenever adults travel, be it for fun or for work, they do it according to their preferences and requirements. However, what if adults have children to look after? What is the right destination for them?

There are resorts and accommodation facilities particularly suitable to welcome adults and children and make their holidays really enjoying and comfortable.

Family Hotels are really like “children’s playgrounds” with personalized baby menus and entertainment targeted at children both in the hotel and outside.

These hotels are the fruit of co-operation with top-ranking sponsors and offer excellent quality services.

Particularly worth a mention are the cots and changing tables in the rooms, the games and the experienced leisure organizers, the menus designed according to nutritional guidelines for children, and the paediatricians and babysitters available at any time.
Just like a holiday nursery….

Cartoons, comics, games and lots of fun for the children who can spend a healthy holiday and for the parents who can relax knowing that their kids are safely playing near them.

The Adriatic Riviera has been the pioneer in this sector and Riccione and the nearby resorts have been awarded the title of children’s beaches, thanks to their fully-equipped facilities (on the beach and elsewhere) for the fun and safety of kids while on holiday.

The large number of hotels in Riccione and on the Riviera offer you the chance of a complete family holiday as well as numerous events for children and even discounted tickets for the theme parks.

During the summer the Riccione Family Hotels are partner of “Raduno delle Mamme”, an event dedicated to mothers and children, where all the mums could became the “most beautiful mother” of the summer and where all the children could enjoy themselves.

The family holiday is suited to the needs of children and makes mums and dads happy, too!

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