Painting and Decorating Tile

Ceramic tile can be beautiful and elegant. But it can also be bland and uninspired. If you want to add a little color or creativity to your tile, here’s how!
Remember to clean your tile and let it dry before you begin any project.
1. Seal both tile and surrounding grout with a water-based floor varnish. Ask your home improvement retailer for suggestions about a good water-based floor varnish for your area.
2. Brush paint primer on both tile and grout. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before you begin painting.
3. With an artist’s brush, paint your pattern with latex paint. Simple designs are best. You can use stencils or, if you are brave, try painting your own original design directly on the tile. Let the tile dry before sealing.
4. Seal the tiles with two coats of water-based varnish. Let the tile dry between coats.
Decorating your old tile can be easy and fun. Now, anyone have a great idea for rescuing an old bathtub? (Without making it a backyard planter, that is!)


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