Proven First Step In Ebook Internet Marketing

When it comes to creating an ebook internet marketing strategy, identifying your target market is the first and probably most important step to success. No ebook will interest all people online, so vague and general marketing that isn’t aimed at any specific group will turn out to be mostly a waste of time and money. Even if the subject of your ebook is very general and you didn’t spend time doing careful evaluations before you wrote it, you’ll want to narrow down your market possibilities to get the most from your ebook internet marketing strategy.

Most people who write an ebook have a market in mind when they do so. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you can find your market now. Think about who will benefit from your ebook. Will stay at home moms get the most out of the household management information, or is your ebook filled with info about how to train a parrot, or make money online? Picture the person who will best want and need the information you’re providing. Then aim your ebook internet marketing strategy at that group of people.

If you, like most ebook authors, already had your audience in mind as you wrote, then it’s just a matter of skipping that step and moving right to targeting your market. What kind of an internet search do you suppose your target market makes on a regular basis. If your key reader will be someone who wants to know how to make extra money online, then they probably search on phrases like “make money online” and “how do I make money online?” These are keywords and keyword phrases that will be an important part of your ebook internet marketing strategy.

Once you determine what your target market wants, whether it’s to do with internet riches or how to build a solar panel, and you come up with a few key phrases they’re likely to put into search engines, the next step is finding a list of keywords. You can brainstorm and come up with some more valid ones, no doubt. But to really hone your ebook internet marketing strategy, use a keyword tool online.

There are some good free ones out there associated with pay-per-click programs where you can put in a keyword and find several more. Plug in the best keywords you’ve come up with, and look at the results. Not only will you be given a huge list of keywords that people have searched on recently, you’ll see which are the most popular, and how many other websites cater to that keyword.

Pick several of these keyword phrases. Use some that are hugely popular, no matter how many other websites aim at those keywords. But be sure to choose some keywords that don’t have many website results and aim at those, too. Now, optimize your website for those keywords by providing content, one page per keyword is a good start, that people will find when they search on those phrases. This ebook internet marketing strategy is a great first promotional step.


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