Can The Country Afford Hillary Clinton As President

Before I start I would like to admit that I am a conservative. I am not a Republican, I despise President Bush for his big spending policies and I am sorry I ever voted for him. If I do not like his level of spending you can imagine how I feel about a candidate who is promising 10 times as much. I also spit at the thought that the Republicans may choose a liberal like Rudy Giuliani to run on their ticket.

So far Hillary has promised over 750 billion dollars in new spending over the first four years she is in office. These are the conservative figures; most of which are the amounts that she says the programs will cost. If you know anything about politics, politicians always give the lowest bids they can on the cost of programs that they propose. That equals to over 3000 dollars for every man, woman and child in America. Most of the time she does not suggest how she will pay for these programs. Obviously taxes have to be raised. Last year around 140 million people filled tax returns. That works out to over 5300 dollars per tax payer over the four years she is in office or over 1300 dollars a year. That is unless she is like President Bush and puts it on the credit card for our kids to pay.

Here are some of the high lights of Hillary’s spending proposals.

Health Care. Hillary is proposing a comprehensive health care plan that she says will cost 110 billion a years or 440 billion for her term in office. Most analysts I have seen say it will cost much more than that. Consider this, Hillary’s health care plan is much more modest than the universal health care plan she proposed while her husband was President and significantly more modest than the other Democrat who are running and the most influential Democratic Congressmen are proposing. I am willing to bet that if she is elected and has large majorities in both Houses of Congress, she will go for the plan she came up with 14 years ago and has supported until this year when she was running for President.

The Baby Bond. Hillary has proposed that the federal government give the family of every baby born in America a 5000 dollar bond. With around 4 million babies born in America every year that equals 20 billion dollars a year or 80 billion during her term in office. Note that she makes this as a blanket statement. I have not heard her qualify this statement since. Does this also include babies born to citizens of foreign countries and illegal aliens? Note that because of the negative feedback from all across America, Hillary has since stated that she has given up on the plan.

401(k) plan for all Americans. Hillary has proposed to make 401(k) plans available for all Americans with the federal government. I believe the idea is a solid one but she goes way beyond just making them available she also plans to have the government provide up to a thousand dollars a year by matching dollar for dollar in tax credits. Wow another tax break for the wealthy! At least by their definition it is. How many of the bottom income earners can afford to make payments into a 401(k) when they can hardly put food on the table. The estimated cost for this program is 25 billion a year to the federal government or 100 billion for her term in office.

Education money for developing countries. Hillary has proposed spending 2 billion of your hard earned tax dollars every year to get young children in developing countries into school. Can you believe this, in a country where we seem to fall further behind the rest of the industrialized world in education, she wants to spend our money to educate children in other countries. This adds up to 8 billion over her term in office.

Universal Pre K education. According to Hillary’s fact sheet on Universal Pre K education on her website, she would spend 5 billion dollars a year increasing to every year up to 10 billion as more states participate. I thought that funding pre college education was the state’s responsibility. Here is another example of the federal government wanting to take over the state’s responsibility for educating out children at a cost of between 20 and 40 billion dollars during her term in office.

150 Billion Dollar investment in energy. Hillary plans to spend 150 billion in additional alternative energy research. She has a plan to tax oil companies for 50 billion dollars of the cost but does not offer information on her website as to where the additional money will come from.

Reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment. This is one of my favorites of her spending proposals. The Office of Technology Assessment was closed in the early nineties. The stated purpose of the proposal to spend 30 million dollars a year is to keep science free of politics and to tell the truth about science. Now this is great. We are going to get politics involved in deciding which science is true so that science can be free of politics. Does anyone else see the irony of this?

Hillary has also proposed spending tens of billions of dollars on other programs such as.

 10 billion on bridges
 250 million for grants to find bridges that are not safe.
 Eight billion in increased health research.
 Increase National Science Foundation Fellowships by 378 billion.
 300 billion for second chance education.
 36 million for school physical-education programs.
 1 billion to bail out people who made bad mortgage decisions.
 6 billion on public transit.
 8 billion in college affordability programs.
 7 billion to get states to enact family leave programs
 Double Funding For the Consumer Product Safety Commission at 70 million per year.
 Create an U.S. Public Service Academy at 200 million a year.
 1 billion to create affordable housing (above the billions we already spend).
 50 million a year to help foster telecommuting.
 1.2 billion for the Department of Transportation’s congestion reduction program
 1 billion for Investment in Intercity Passenger Rail.

If you want to know she means business all you need to do is watch her in the Senate. She already has a reputation as being one of the biggest spenders in congress and is known as the earmark queen. This year alone on just 3 appropriation bills she has successfully attached 530 million dollars in earmarks. Compare that to Senator Barack Obama’s 40 million and you can see what a successful spender she is. Last January Hillary voted against a bill to require public disclosure of earmark sponsors. Her vote is understandable since she successfully got one million dollars earmarked for a Woodstock museum. Fortunately for us taxpayers that other Democrats were so embarrassed when this made the news that they voted again and removed the funding from the bill.

Hillary became a Senator in 2000. In her first four years as a Senator she sponsored or cosponsored 380 bills that totaled 302 billion dollars in increased spending and only 3 that reduced spending. Of course not all of these bills passed but it goes to show how committed she is in increasing spending. 302 billion proposed in her first 4 years as a freshman Senator, can you imagine what she would do as President?

Everyone needs to ask how does she plan on paying for all these increases. It is simple; Raise taxes. She wants to raise taxes on the rich. She wants to raise taxes on businesses. It appears from her speeches for the last 4 years that she wants to repeal the entire Bush tax cuts. This means that the lowest income taxpayers will see their taxes increase from 10% to 15%. That is a 50% increase in the amount of taxes that the lowest income tax payers have to pay. She also talks about raising taxes on business. It is important to understand that business do not really pay taxes. They pass the cost on to the people who buy their products. Raise their taxes and they raise their prices. The have no choice if they are going to stay in business. So raising taxes on business is just another way of taxing even the poorest people in America.

In summary, Hillary in on a spending spree and she has your credit card. She wants everything she sees and joyfully knows that she is not the one who has to pay the bill.


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